Christmas Nostalgia

Want to decorate your home but don’t have a lot of time, energy or money? Here are some quick and easy ways to create a festive mood.

1 – Grab a few candles, place them in the center of your table and light them. The twinkling adds instant ambiance. If you have a decorative plate, stand, or even a few branches to place underneath or around the candles it’ll look even better.

2 – Holiday ornaments – Collect a few of your favorite solid-colored holiday ornaments and place them in a clear glass container. Grab ones with complimentary colors like silver and red, or collect ornaments that are all one color but varying sizes to add effect.

3 – Spruce up an old wreath by adding small ornaments to the boughs. Attach them with wire through the back of the wreath to ensure they stay in place. Continue reading

Sometimes the best times are the simplest times. You and your family can have an old-fashioned Christmas by enjoying some fun holiday crafts. Here are five old-fashioned Christmas craft ideas to enjoy.

Paper Chain

Paper chains can be made year around. However, they’re particularly fun during the holidays. They’re a wonderful and quite simple way to decorate a holiday tree. You’ll need construction paper, or old wrapping paper works quite well too. You’ll also need glue.

Cut small strips of paper, the size you want your rings to be. Fold the ends over so the strip makes a circle, and glue the ends together. Create another circle through your first one and continue linking the circles together until your chain has reached its desired length or your fingers are tired from cutting and gluing. Let dry and hang on your tree or around a doorway, mirror or fireplace mantle. Continue reading

During the winter it’s easy to hole up inside like a pack of bears hibernating. However, humans are not bears and there’s a lot of fun to be had outside. This Christmas season, take your family outdoors, get some sunshine and have some good old-fashioned family fun. Here are five ways to have outdoor family fun this Christmas.


This is essentially a good game of touch, or tackle, football in the snow. Get everyone dressed warmly from head to toe and head outside. If you have enough folks to get eleven people on a team, that’s great. Otherwise, divide the group evenly. Draw a goal in the snow by digging a trench.

You will also want to mark the half-way point. If you can get one team to wear red snow hats and the other to wear green snow hats, all the better. It’ll be easier to remember who is on your team. If not, no worries. It’s all about fun and playing in the snow. Use the same rules as football and have fun. Continue reading