Holiday Health Survival Tips

Many times, you not only host a family meal but attend numerous family holiday meals, including your own family and friends’ families each holiday season. This is very common in most parts of the world where holiday open houses are popular. The family holiday meal doesn’t have to be your downfall, and you can still enjoy it. Continue reading

Every year, workplaces have holiday parties. You probably don’t really want to go but you know you should. Instead of thinking of it as a party, think of it as a networking event with your coworkers. Plan to talk to each person at the party to ensure that they know who you are before they leave. Continue reading

It can be hard to change things that you’ve always done. This is especially true when it comes to the holidays. We have so many emotions tied up into the food.

Grandma’s pound cake, Aunt Betty’s eclair cake, and your husband’s twice stuffed baked potatoes can’t be beat. That’s true. But what if you liked the healthier version better? You won’t know if you don’t try. Continue reading