Whole Food Christmas

During the holidays, particularly when Christmas is on its way, you may be thinking about different snacks, treats, and appetizers you can have that are themed for the holiday, but are still considered whole foods. Using fruits and veggies as the main component is a really good way to stay on track. Here are some different Christmas-themed fruit and veggie snacks to try out.

Christmas Tree Veggie Platter

This is a super simple way to put together a veggie platter for Christmas or other holiday celebrations and also turn it into a fun and festive arrangement. Instead of simply placing veggies on a plate, arrange them into a Christmas tree shape.

You can do this with a large platter, and start with the broccoli since it is going to main the basic Christmas tree shape. You can now use sliced bell peppers to create a star at the top, preferably with the yellow ones. For other veggies, chop them up and use them as ‘ornaments’ for the Christmas tree. Continue reading

When the holidays arrive, you might want to try some alcoholic drinks to celebrate the occasion. However, when you are on the whole foods diet, it isn’t as simple as just making any type of drink.

While Whole30 asks you not to drink any alcohol, you might continue with a whole foods diet after completing the first 30 days. It is at this point, when you can choose to occasionally drink alcohol, but still remain within the general dietary guidelines. Here are some holiday drinks that should still be fine while on the whole foods diet:

Blackberry Sparkler

The first type of holiday drink you can make for Christmas while on the whole foods diet is a blackberry sparkler. This is going to use champagne, so if you are actually doing Whole 30, it might not be allowed. Otherwise, it isn’t going to use any ingredients you can’t have on a whole foods or paleo diet. Continue reading

As you get ready to start the Christmas season parties, you will be wondering what type of food you can prepare for that party. If you have been asked to bring something, the following ideas will still be on the whole foods diet, but also really great for the other guests.

Create a Fun Veggie Platter

Whether you are bringing a dish to a friend’s party or having a party in your own home, you probably want to do a veggie platter. The veggies are something almost everyone can have, from people who are gluten-free, to vegetarians and vegans, paleo, whole food, Whole30, and tons of other special diets.

For more of a Christmas theme, try something a little more decorative. You can use a round-shaped platter and put all the veggies around the edge to create a wreath form out of them, with the dips in the center, or you can put them on a big rectangular platter, using certain veggies to spell out a word like ‘Joy’. Continue reading