Christmas Hacks

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the holiday hassle? Many people tend to have higher expectations around the holiday season, which can mean extra work to make everything perfect.

But, you don’t have to work hard (or break the bank) in order to spread Christmas cheer. Here are a few hacks you can use to make Christmas quick and easy.


  • Use double-sided tape while wrapping presents to add a professional touch to your gift wrapping.
  • You can make a simple snow globe using a Mason jar, some glitter, and a few small holiday-themed trinkets. These could work as a decoration as well as a personalized gift.

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If money is tight this holiday season, why not consider cutting back on your holiday spending? Take a minute to read through the following suggestions. Saving money at Christmas time is probably easier than you think!

1 – Set a Budget

It’s important to set a budget for yourself before you start buying gifts. It’s easy to spend too much when you’re not keeping track of your purchases. More importantly, it can be financially dangerous for people who find themselves living from paycheck to paycheck. That being said, set a monetary limit for yourself and stick to it. This will help to ensure that you don’t go overboard while shopping and also ease the financial stress that Christmas tends to bring with it. Continue reading

You’ll probably be hard-pressed to find anyone who will pass up a homemade gift of food, especially at Christmas. So, why not take advantage of that. If you love to bake, not only will you enjoy whipping up a variety of yummy treats, you’ll generally save money in the process too. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Hot Chocolate Jars

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate during the cold winter months? Putting these together takes no time at all, and is every bit as thoughtful as other homemade goodies. There are many variations of this classic treat to choose from, some of which include adding ground cinnamon, chili powder or even crushed candy cane pieces. If you want a creamier hot chocolate, try adding a scoop of non-dairy creamer. Continue reading