Christmas on a Budget

No matter if your finances are tight this year, or you just want to cut back on your Christmas spending, it is a great idea to create a workable Christmas budget.

Christmas is a time when it is so easy to go overboard with your spending, so a Christmas budget will help you keep your spending in check.

First off, you want to write up a list of your expenses. Not just for Christmas but for the entire month, a good way to do this is to get out your bank statement and record all of your payments and other expense items.

Allow for extra expenses for your child at school, for your babysitter and even for yourself at work. Just in case you have a Christmas lunch to attend. Unexpected costs can crop up at any time, and Christmas is notorious for this.

It is actually better to over budget for something, any money left over can be put back into the bank. Continue reading

Christmas is approaching and maybe this year you are a little tight for money. Not to worry, you can still give wonderful Christmas gifts no matter what your circumstances. A great way to give personal gifts this year is to make them yourself.

Now making gifts can end up being very stressful if you approach it the wrong way. Take the following points into consideration before starting on your Christmas gift ideas. Continue reading

So many people go all out over the Christmas season, they purchase new Christmas decorations and extravagant gifts. Come January they are wishing they hadn’t spent so much, now that the bills are coming in. Here are a few ways you can decorate this year without breaking your bank account.

If you enjoy crafts you can easily make wonderful Christmas decoration this year. This includes making reindeer from birch branches, knitting Christmas bells and even making your own wreath from a coat hanger. Many websites online are full of free and fun crafts to make.

If you don’t consider yourself handy, then take a trip to your local dollar store. Here you can pick up several small items and combine them into a table decoration or more. Purchase miniature ornaments and use as gift bows on your presents. Continue reading