Holiday Health Survival Tips

It’s hard to believe but it’s almost that time of year again. The crisp air, the pumpkin, the fragrant scents along with the spirit of joy in the air all combine to knock most of us right off our healthy eating and exercise regimen. But, not if you have a plan going in.

This holiday survival guide will inform you, challenge you, and assure you that you don’t have to give up everything you enjoy most about the holidays while staying healthy. Continue reading

While almost everyone has a diet, or way of eating, that they prefer to follow most of the year you can still eat healthy. Regardless if you’re low carb, or high carb there are a few overlaps. Both plans ask that you give up processed food, cut down on sugar, avoid unhealthy fats, and eat high nutrition food until satiated. Continue reading

One of the most festive parts of the holidays is often the drinks. But drinks are a pitfall because most people have no idea how many calories some of the drinks have.

Additionally, alcohol lowers your inhibitions to the point that before you know it, you’re scarfing down a few pieces of that pumpkin pie at 9 in the evening while laughing and talking to your family and friends. Continue reading