Whole Food Christmas

Instead of thinking about Christmas as a big cheat holiday for your whole foods lifestyle, you should instead remain on the diet and instead re-think what Christmas means to you. It is important to actually stay whole throughout the entire holiday season, and here are some reasons why.

You Can Lose Weight Instead of Gain

If you are someone that tends to lose weight in the new year because you gain so much during the holidays, then it is a great time to stay on your whole foods lifestyle. During the holidays, particularly when Christmas approaches, you can get on the diet and avoid all those temptations.

This means you will be eating healthier, primarily lean protein, fruits and veggies, and avoiding cheese, dairy, chocolate, sugar, and many other ingredients that aren’t good for you. Instead of gaining holiday weight, you will actually lose some pounds. Continue reading

New Years is the perfect time to start fresh, especially when you want to live a healthier lifestyle and try a whole foods diet. However, you don’t need to wait for January 1st to start the planning. You can actually use the Christmas holiday to help you get ready for your New Years resolution of weight loss and being healthier.

You Will Be Adjusted to Your Diet

A great reason to start the whole foods lifestyle during the holidays is because by the time you are ready to start the new year, you will already be adjusted to the diet plan. That way, if your New Years’ resolution is to lose weight and get healthy with Whole 30 or another version of the whole foods diet, you have already begun and it will be a very easy transition for you. This is a lot easier than waiting until January 1st to get started, when it can be a little bit overwhelming. Continue reading

You probably already know that sticking to a lifestyle like eating whole foods only during the holidays is a bit tricky, but actually starting it during the holidays is something else entirely.

This information goes over some basic recommendations for starting this type of dietary and lifestyle change when Christmas is right around the corner.

Think About Your Main Reasons

To help you figure out whether or not starting a whole foods diet during the Christmas holiday is a good idea, think about your reasons for choosing this option. Perhaps you want to eat better, reduce your sugar intake, lose some weight, and encourage your family to switch to this lifestyle.

These are all actually really great reasons to start it during the holidays. By bringing some whole food dishes to Christmas dinner, you are not only helping to reduce temptations of the other dishes, but might even encourage your family to join it with you. Continue reading