Instead of thinking about Christmas as a big cheat holiday for your whole foods lifestyle, you should instead remain on the diet and instead re-think what Christmas means to you. It is important to actually stay whole throughout the entire holiday season, and here are some reasons why.

You Can Lose Weight Instead of Gain

If you are someone that tends to lose weight in the new year because you gain so much during the holidays, then it is a great time to stay on your whole foods lifestyle. During the holidays, particularly when Christmas approaches, you can get on the diet and avoid all those temptations.

This means you will be eating healthier, primarily lean protein, fruits and veggies, and avoiding cheese, dairy, chocolate, sugar, and many other ingredients that aren’t good for you. Instead of gaining holiday weight, you will actually lose some pounds.

It Helps You to Prepare for Your New Years’ Resolution

Another excellent reason to remain on the whole foods diet during Christmas is because it will help prepare you for your New Years’ resolution of losing weight and getting healthy. By sticking to the plan for Christmas, you don’t feel like you are having to start over on January 1st. This makes for a very smooth transition and keeps you from feeling like you are giving everything up just because the new year has started. You will be a lot more successful by continuing with it even during Christmas.

You are Able to Avoid Sugary Treats

One of the biggest temptations you have to deal with during Christmas is that there are a lot of sugary treats. All forms of sugar, with the exception of coconut palm sugar on occasion, are prohibited with most whole foods diets, including Whole30. If you stick with this lifestyle during Christmas, you will just avoid the temptations and won’t even think twice about not eating these types of treats. It makes it for a much healthier holiday season.

It Puts a New Perspective on What You can Accomplish

Also remember that when you stay on this type of diet or lifestyle during Christmas, you are basically getting through one of the most difficult times of the year to be on any type of diet. There are so many things that tempt you, from stocking stuffers to that big Christmas feast, that if you can get through this, you can certainly get through it after the new year is over.