Christmas Baking

One way to save time, money and effort is to start out by picking the right recipes for your holiday baking. You want to ensure that you make something for everyone, so that everyone has fond memories of the wonderful food, the smells, and the joy.

But, you also want to make sure that you choose recipes that make it easier to get the baking done. Picking recipes with these things in mind will make the holiday baking so much more enjoyable. Continue reading

One of the best ways to save time with holiday baking is to organize your shopping list. Sometimes it can be really confusing to figure out how to do this, but of course the best way is to organize it in the order you will go through the grocery store. The problem is that stores are always mixing up things on different isles. So, that might not always work.

The next best thing is to organize your shopping list by types of food that you will be purchasing; putting the cold foods last so that they spend less time in your shopping cart before checking out is a good thing too. So, try to shop in the order that best fits this purpose. The problem here is that many stores have produce on one end and frozen on another, so you may have to adjust how you go through the lines. Continue reading