New Years is the perfect time to start fresh, especially when you want to live a healthier lifestyle and try a whole foods diet. However, you don’t need to wait for January 1st to start the planning. You can actually use the Christmas holiday to help you get ready for your New Years resolution of weight loss and being healthier.

You Will Be Adjusted to Your Diet

A great reason to start the whole foods lifestyle during the holidays is because by the time you are ready to start the new year, you will already be adjusted to the diet plan. That way, if your New Years’ resolution is to lose weight and get healthy with Whole 30 or another version of the whole foods diet, you have already begun and it will be a very easy transition for you. This is a lot easier than waiting until January 1st to get started, when it can be a little bit overwhelming.

The Whole Food Diet is a Healthy Lifestyle Change

Being on the whole foods diet is a major lifestyle change, not just a diet. With that being said, you want to gradually transition into it, instead of just starting cold turkey one day. Many people do just start on day 1 of the plan and do it perfectly, but if you are someone that tends to quit things when you do it that way, you can gradually start making changes during the month leading up to New Years’. This means starting it around Christmastime, such as the day after Thanksgiving. It offers you plenty of time to get adjusted to the lifestyle change.

You Don’t Gain Holiday Weight

Gaining weight during the holidays is a big problem many people face. You might get less physical activity being off from work or school, tend to eat larger amily meals and lots of sweets, and might even drink a lot of your meals with egg nog and cocktails during parties. If you want to avoid holiday weight gain so that you don’t have quite as much work when the new year begins, you can help to manage your weight by starting earlier.

You Gain Confidence in the Program

Since you are starting the whole foods lifestyle around Christmastime, you will have a lot of confidence in how well the program works by the time your New Years’ resolution begins on January 1st. Not only will you have probably started to lose weight as a result of the dietary change, but if you can get through Christmas on it, any other time of the year should be a breeze.