Whole Food Christmas

If you follow the whole foods diet or are strictly Whole30, having a cheat day is generally frowned upon. However, while you might not want a cheat day every week, there are some other ways to let yourself splurge a little and not go too crazy.

Consider Why You Want a Cheat Day

The first thing you should do before you even start considering whether or not you want to do a cheat day during the Christmas season is to ask yourself why you want one in the first place. The answers will usually tell you whether it is a good idea for your situation or not.

For example, if you want one because you want to eat with your family on Christmas, it may not be necessary. There are a lot of traditional Christmas foods that follow along with the whole foods lifestyle, including the ham or turkey, and many of the vegetable sides. Continue reading

If you have been invited to a cookie exchange for Christmas or simply want to make something festive, you may be a little stumped. Most Christmas cookies include ingredients you aren’t supposed to have when you are on a whole foods diet, particularly sugar, chocolate, and dairy. Luckily, there are still some yummy and festive options out there for you to try out.

Fruit Thumbprint Cookies

A popular cookie to make for Christmas, particularly when you are going to be in a cookie exchange is the thumbprint cookie. It is usually a sugar cookie with fruit jam in the middle. However, this cookie is going to use some ingredients that make it a little different from a regular sugar cookies, though still delicious and perfect for Christmas.

While raspberry is usually used, you can use strawberries or even cranberries for the thumbprint portion. Try to find jam with no sugar or make it yourself. For the rest of the cookie, use almond flour, coconut flour, coconut palm sugar, baking powder, salt, coconut oil, and almond extract. Continue reading

Is your entire family on the whole foods diet and lifestyle? If so, your stocking stuffers are no longer going to consist of tiny foil-wrapped balls of chocolate and big chocolate Santa’s. Instead, you want to re-think how you do stocking stuffers with these tips.

Whole Food Snacks

First of all, keep in mind that you don’t have to add any types of snacks or treats to a Christmas stocking. While this has become a modern tradition, there are definitely a lot of other ways to choose fun stocking stuffers.

With that being said, there are still some yummy whole food snacks that you can add to a stocking stuffer. This includes any types of fruits, including oranges and apples, along with packages of dates, raisins, and dried fruit. You can also choose packages of beef jerky, nuts, and seeds.

Water Bottle

For a stocking stuffer that isn’t food-related, why not include a fun water bottle? This is great for anyone on the whole foods diet since they aren’t drinking much aside from water and juice if they make their own. Continue reading