Whole Food Christmas

The holidays can be a difficult time to stick to a whole foods lifestyle, but not impossible. This is a really good time to start planning and prepping for the new year.

Here are some easy tips for preparing to do eat whole after the holidays are over.

Get All the Gadgets and Tools You Need

Christmas is a great time to start planning for being on a whole foods diet in the New Year, since you can ask for certain tools, appliances, and gadgets you will need to prepare your meals. You are going to be cooking most things from scratch, so basic cooking and baking essentials should be added to the list. If you get any money or gift cards, you may also want to use some of those to get anything left before January 1st arrives.

Have Plenty of Recipes On Hand

Also make sure you have all your recipes collected and ready to go following the Christmas season. Another thing you can do with those Christmas gift cards is to buy some cookbooks about Whole30 or the whole food diet. Getting some cookbooks on Paleo can also be helpful since it is very close to this diet, with some slight variations. Remember you don’t want to have any cheese or dairy when you are on a whole food diet. Continue reading