Holiday Health Survival Tips

No matter what time of year you go shopping it presents itself with roadblocks to being healthy. But, the holidays are especially intimidating. Did you know that shopping centers, even outdoor areas, pump smell into the air to tempt you into buying food? They do this at amusement parks and movie theaters too. This should help you understand why you’re so tempted. Continue reading

The holidays can be physically and mentally draining, depending on your situation. You may find that you’re so busy you don’t feel like you have time to take care of yourself like you normally do. Plus, if it’s cold where you are it can be harder to get outside and be active. Continue reading

The best choices aren’t made at the last moment. You’re going to have a better chance of surviving the holidays, without gaining weight and having to get back on track, when you plan. Let’s look at a few ideas that you can use. Continue reading