So many people go all out over the Christmas season, they purchase new Christmas decorations and extravagant gifts. Come January they are wishing they hadn’t spent so much, now that the bills are coming in. Here are a few ways you can decorate this year without breaking your bank account.

If you enjoy crafts you can easily make wonderful Christmas decoration this year. This includes making reindeer from birch branches, knitting Christmas bells and even making your own wreath from a coat hanger. Many websites online are full of free and fun crafts to make.

If you don’t consider yourself handy, then take a trip to your local dollar store. Here you can pick up several small items and combine them into a table decoration or more. Purchase miniature ornaments and use as gift bows on your presents.

Take a look around your local store and think creatively, make your own window decorations and even candle holders by taking a simple holder and gluing on additional pine cones, bells and snowman figures. This way you will certainly end up with unique Christmas decorations.

For your dining table, make personalized name cards or place holders. Make the holder a small gift which can be taken home and used by your guests. Christmas soap or potpourri is a great idea here, even a votive wrapped in Christmas tissue.

If you have young children let them do the Christmas decorations this year. Even down to decorating the Christmas tree. They will have immense fun and you are sure to have a different looking Christmas tree, one that will provide you with plenty of memories.

If money is an issue this year, then reuse your old decorations in creative ways, it isn’t just the gifts that count at Christmas time. It is the time spent with your loved ones that you should truly cherish.