Many times, you not only host a family meal but attend numerous family holiday meals, including your own family and friends’ families each holiday season. This is very common in most parts of the world where holiday open houses are popular. The family holiday meal doesn’t have to be your downfall, and you can still enjoy it.


It’s already been mentioned that if you’re the host you’re in the most control of the menu. You can easily choose a menu that lends itself to health. You can even assign certain people to bring certain parts of the meal if you want to. You’re the host so you’re in control.

Find New Healthy Versions

Don’t be afraid to try some new recipes of old favorites. The internet is a goldmine for compliant recipes for any type of diet plan you want to try. Find one that is highly rated or from your favorite food blogger. The holidays are a great time to experiment with new flavors and textures.

Veggies First

When you serve yourself, fill your plate with the veggies first, lean protein next, avoid the bread, buns, stuffing, and rice which you can literally have any day of the week anyway. Choose only the food that’s “holiday special” over the food you can eat anytime.

Choose Special Food

Choose the special parts and let the rest go. If there is something that means holiday to you, go ahead and put a couple tablespoons on your plate if you can find room with all the veggies and protein on your plate. Eat your veggies first so that you’ll be fuller when you get to the rest of the meal.

When the meal is over, after cleaning up, suggest an active game an hour after the meal to help everyone with digestion. A fun game of tag football, volleyball, charades, or if it’s the right time, caroling will make long-term memories and keep everyone healthy.